Can you analyze comments from 1,000 users at once?

Can you summarize your audiences’ positions?

Say is the next level of understanding across the Internet!

Empowering the future of subject summarization and opinion mining

Here’s where the limitless value comes in: understanding hundreds of pages of discussion as a dynamic sentiment means advertisers can connect directly with their target audiences, and publishers can engage in meaningful conversations with their audiences—while earning more money from advertisers.
Say transcends comment sections and creates discussion communities—focused, like-minded communities with a higher dollar value for referral. No longer is discourse only possible when new content is posted—Say makes every discussion community financially viable for the publisher, and very lucrative for every advertiser.
Community Building
Bringing the power back to content sites
Minimum Effort
Saving the world from spam

Opening an unprecedented echelon of value for advertisers, publishers, and the investors behind the Say model

The more discussion communities are created across commercial sites, the more Say’s algorithm will evolve and help streamline the sentiments of conversations happening between billions of people across the internet.

Accuracy in 2020


Accuracy in 2022


Expected accuracy in 2024


Our process

We design, build and develop the future engine of opinion mining
  • 2019-2020


  • 2021-2022


  • Beginnig of 2023


A multi-disciplinary team of creators

Get to know the people behind Say. Our creative and technical team.