When a target community is automatically created for you

...works for you and generates profits for you
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Working around the clock, even when you are not

A smart add-on is smart at work. Say takes minimum effort on your end and returns maximum profit

Leverage your community for profit

Say allows you to create custom-made business proposals –
down to the individual user!

Easy To Use

Easily and quickly added, with the required settings set up in less than an hour

Say, a community builder!

Meet Say – a smart add-on which builds lively
communities comprised of your potential clients,
brands you as the leader of the conversation in your field and generates
a significant source of income – with no effort on your part!

A targeted traffic for your website – like never before

UMIT can generate the traffic on your website according to different interests.
When a user is looking to participate in a discussion that’s relevant for your field,
we automatically direct them to your community.
We’re there for you at the right place and time!

SEO boost - more traffic and more pages to your website

With Say, your communities will add traffic to your website and increase
the average lingering rate – 2 components the Google Search Engine
loves the most, so you better get ready to have your results right up there!

A long-distance branding infrastructure

Using Say, your users will become part of those high-longevity communities – communities that have different kinds of discussions, of higher quality and greater focus, discussions which include insights regarding the deviation of positions among community members.
It is a new way to create interest-based communities – communities that are worth money.

Increase your registry database

Say provides you with built-in tools to encourage community members
to sign up and become registered users on your website. This is how you
can increase your registry database and keep in contact with
your client according to your needs.

Analytics and insights that are worth their weight in… gold!

Say allows you to study your clients, what they think, what’s important to them
and what interests them. This way, you can match your business proposals
individually and increase your profit.
All that information is in your hands, take it to the max!

You can start as early as tomorrow

Say is easily and quickly installed, with the required settings set up in less than an hour. This is all you need
to enjoy a community which suits your products like a glove.
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