When discussions on your site become a source of income

and we don’t mean from ads! How did they not think of this earlier?
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Turn user content to profit

With the Sumit add-on on your website, you can increase your income, allowing your users to enjoy a variety of advanced and innovative discussions!

Spam shield built in

It is a new way to manage smart and civilized discussions – discussions that are worth money

Easy To Use

Easily and quickly added, with the required settings set up in less than an hour

Create profitable collaborations

Say allows you to turn responses on your websites into discussions, and discussions into focused communities that can be “mobilized” anywhere on the Web, so you could in fact sell them to the websites of commercial entities interested in specific target audiences!
All you have to do is choose which commercial entity you would like to share your community with.

Provides true value

Sumit’s convenient discussion interface allows your users to generate productive and
practical conversations, becoming part of communities with extended longevity – communities that have different kinds of discussions, more quality-driven and focused,
including insights regarding the deviations of positions among those taking part in the discussion.

Prevent users from ‘leaking’ to the social media

If you uploaded an article or review to your website, but the discussion went over to social media… Why miss out on the content that the users are producing? Why miss out on the traffic that is being turned over to social media?
With Sumit, you can collaborate with other content websites and “fight” this user leakage to social media, without creating competition between you.

Analytics and insights worth their weight in… gold!

Sumit allows you to receive information about your users’ preferences on your website –
you can therefore produce better, more appropriate content, increasing the value you provide your site and better matching your business proposal.
Remember – smart marketing starts with knowledge.

Increase your registry database

Sumit provides you with built-in tools to encourage community members
to sign up and become registered users on your website. This is how you
can increase your registry database and keep in contact with
your client according to your needs.

Keeps your users in the loop

The smart Reclame mechanism integrated into the add-on brings users back
to discussions and active communities, simply due to its ability to update them when a conversation they participated in has been updated, no matter
where they are and which website they are on!

You can start as early as tomorrow

Say is easily and quickly installed, with the required settings set up in less than an hour. This is all you need
to enjoy a community which suits your products like a glove.
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